Hustle Baby Hustle -
Four Weeks to Fruition!

This is a coaching program designed to help people get their brand out of their brain in 4 weeks. The program is a mix of instruction on branding and marketing techniques and group coaching. Each cohort is small, so that everyone has an opportunity to be heard and helped.
The program is designed for each cohort, once the program is over, to continue encouraging and uplifting each other towards greatness.



So, what do you get at the end of 4 weeks*:
1. A tangible brand that you will launch to the world.
2. Tips, tricks and resources to help you maintain your brand.
3. An awesome cohort to help you continue your journey.
4. Access to support & resources to supplement your new journey.

Need help building the visual portion of the brand?  Purchase a package from Imperial1002 to get professional designs to match your vision!**

Ready to launch?  You’ll have a brand in 4 weeks!

*Four weeks is a very short time to launch a brand,  and missing even one course will be detrimental to your launch.  MISSING ONE COURSE COULD RESULT IN DISMISSAL OF THE PROGRAM.  Please make sure you have the time allotted to not only meet, but complete all assignments.  Attending the course does not automatically mean you will launch on the 4th class day.  All fees are non-refundable, but the seat in the course can be transferred up to one week before the course begins.  Please come to class with an open mind and a willingness to learn and you will be successful!

**Please note: Getting your brand designed is an important piece of this program.  If you are working with a designer, or choose to design your promo items yourself, then you will not need to purchase the design package.  If you don't, please purchase a design package with your registration!

What are our students saying?

Our alumni come from all around the country! Read what a few have to say about HBH!

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Naturally Jorrie

“Working with Erial in the Hustle Baby Hustle Program I was pushed outside of my comfort zone and was forced to focus on my purpose. After going through the 4-week program, I was equipped with enough knowledge and support to confidently establish my own personal brand called, Naturally Jorrie, which is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, for the curvier side of life.”
-Jorrie Reed, Naturally Jorrie

CK21, Inc.

"Erial is one of the most creative thinkers I've ever met.  She is an artist of your ideas.  As long as you have an end point to achieve she can create and design the road to get there.  The only way I can describe it is this: If you’re laying looking at the clouds, you may only see cotton balls, but she can see Sistine chapel. Erial is a priceless value-add to any business!"
-Christopher Koonce, CK21, Inc.


The H-M-T Process

I refer to Erial Ramsey as my very own personal "Branding Genius".  The launch and success of me and my company owes much of its success to Erial.  I tell her what I'm thinking; my vision and intention then she works magic…It goes beyond my company.  I was recently in her Hustle Baby Hustle program.  And in just 4 weeks I had my new product off the ground and marketed to the public… I can personally guarantee that you will be amazed and more than pleased with the end result.”  -Lonnetta Albright, President-Forward Movement, Inc. and Certified John Maxwell Coach & Speaker

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